Ariana Grande’s “God Is A Woman” Music Video Is Her Most Artistic And Beautiful One: A Must-Watch!

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That was a trip.

Ariana Grande not only blessed this Friday with the digital release of her new single “God is a Woman”, she also blessed this day with the song’s official music video. And I kid you not when I say this is a must-watch. Whether you’re an Ariana Grande fan or not, if you truly appreciate art, then you must check this music video out. It’s Ariana’s most artistic and most beautiful visual to date by far. “Video of the Year” winner at the upcoming VMAs? Hell yeah.

The “God is a Woman” music video sees Ariana Grande naked floating in a sea of various colorful paints, dancing sensually on top of a lit candle, sensually inserting her fingers inside our planet, singing with wolves around her neck, flexing her leg as three men figuratively feed from her “breasts”, walk the tightrope, among other things. You see? I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a very artistic video. It’s very “out there” too. I’m curious as to who came up with the concept….

True one critique one could say about this music video is that at various parts it doesn’t feel cohesive in the story telling (WTF was that beaver screeching moment for instance?) but the parts that did make sense with the lyrics of “God is a Woman” were beautiful. Some could be described as “creepy” but this is contemporary art in its finest form.

I’m obsessed with this visual!!!


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By on July 13, 2018

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