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Ariana Grande Previews Reebok-Paid "The Light Is Coming" Music Video: Watch

ariana grande the light is coming

Ariana Grande shared a preview of the “The Light is Coming” music video today via an Instagram story.

The clip shows the pop singer writhing on the floor as she holds a lit medium-sized round light bulb, feeling herself up, and showing off her shiny new Reebok sneakers. Is Reebok THAT important to the music video to mention the brand in the MV description? Well, yeah! Apparently Reebok paid for this “The Light is Coming” music video, it will be kind of a “commercial” for the footwear and apparel company, and it’s on where the “The Light is Coming” music video will EXCLUSIVELY premiere this Wednesday (June 20th). Uh-huh. At least for 24 hours (or maybe more), will be the only place you will be able to watch Ari’s new music video.

“The Light is Coming” (song) is hitting digital platforms on Wednesday as well.


COME ON! Ariana is rich and she's clearly in control of her music at this point. So why pervert it like this for a few more bucks? Instead of shooting an amazing music video for “The Light is Coming” (like the one for “No Tears Left to Cry”), Ariana had to shoot a Reebok pre-approved music video, and we’re going to get saturated with a lot of senseless Reebok product placement.

I feel sick, honestly.

I know the song is going to be FIRE but come on… why ruin what could be a perfect single release with an undeserving music video? Not cool. Hopefully there will be some last-minute tweaks to the music video and Wednesday we get a decent visual. Otherwise, I will be seriously mad and I will boycott Reebok.

By on June 19, 2018
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