Anitta’s “Medicina” Is Exactly What The Doctor Ordered: Single Premiere [Update: Music Video Added!]

anitta medicina

Native Spanish-speaking Latina girls better be shaking because Anitta is coming for their wigs!

The Brazilian pop queen keeps expanding her dominions within the Spanish Latin music world – because she’s already conquered the Brazilian Portuguese music scene and she needs new challenges.

Following “Paradinha”, “Downtown” and “Indecente”, Anitta presented this Friday morning her new Spanish single titled “Medicina”. This track is a seductive upbeat reggaeton-trap number where Anitta will tell us a little bit about the stuff she likes to do at clubs when she’s feeling a little bit sexually-charge, aka horny, or she’s encountered the most attractive guy ever. So what does Anitta like? She likes to take off some her clothes before him, she likes to make out when the dancefloor is almost pitch black, she likes that the guy first goes “down” and she then climbs on top of him, and she also likes to twerk for him moving her ass like jelly.

“Medicina” is a hot and sexy bop, the “da-da-da-da” bits are infectious, and all in all I just view this as a major club banger this summer.


Read the lyrics to "Medicina" here

UPDATE: Music video out!

By on July 20, 2018

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