Anitta Is “Indecente” And She Loves It: Stream New Single!

anitta indecente

Brazilian pop queen Anitta is a bad girl and she ain't planning on going good anytime soon. She loves being bad, as she explicitly declares it in her new single "Indecente" - yet another all-Spanish release from the "Bang" superstar.

"Indecente" is a giving me commercial gypsy music vibes. It is a highly sensual song that basically is an autobiography where Anitta describes how she is. She mentions how she considers herself to be a bad girl or "indecente" (an obscene woman) and how she doesn't care what other people think of her personality. Anitta will give an example of this carefree lifestyle. She will say that she loves for her current lover to have sex with her in public and she will encourage other females to try this naughty attitude too - so they just don't hear how good it is from other people."Experience it!" is what Anitta pretty much is conveying.

"Indecente" may not be Anitta's catchiest single but the raunchy lyrics are everything and totally make the song worthy of praise. I do encourage her to keep taking Spanish lessons, though. Enunciation was weird at certain parts. But YAS!!! at Anitta continuing releasing Spanish singles. She knows Spanish is her wide door to domination in the whole of Latin America, Spain, and the very important Latino U.S community.


Read the lyrics to "Indecente" here

By on March 27, 2018
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