Ana Guerra’s Sexy “Bajito” Sounds Like A Third Hit For The Spanish Queen: Watch The Gay-Friendly Music Video!

ana guerra bajito
ana guerra bajito video

Picture this: you’re at the club flirting with somebody on the dancefloor and you want to get more intimacy. What do you do? Go home? No way. The night has just started. Any alternative? Yes, to go to a VIP area where you two will be all alone, where you will be able to whisper in each other’s ears without no loud music destroying your eardrums and where you will able to….eh… do intimate things – if you wish. This is literally what Ana Guerra sings in her new single “Bajito”. Just picture what I just describe to you while listening to the song. It’ll be easier for you you speak Spanish and understand the lyrics, but if not just let the beat of “Bajito” posses you and picture this wild night as the song progresses.

Ana Guerra is one the many stars to have come out from the super successful 2017 edition of Spanish TV singing competition “Operacion Triunfo”. Ana’s first single “Lo Malo” has over 66 million streams on Spotify, her second single “Ni La Hora” has almost 40 and now “Bajito” is bound to be her third consecutive smash hit. Ana Guerra, or Ana War as she likes to be called too, is just slaying them Spain charts!

“Bajito” is another reggaeton/trap-sounding song from Ana. Featuring sensual lyrics, sensual singing and an infectious melodic beat, “Bajito” will undoubtedly be a favorite in many clubs this fall season. Ana has learned in this short period of time after the conclusion of her “Operacion Triunfo”season how to execute songs to make them hits and that’s a talent. She’s a pro now and ain’t nobody stopping her. She’s got than golden touch! Universal Music Spain should start sending her, with a big budget, to promote her music in Latin America. She would be ruler in that market too! She’s got the songs Latin people are just going to lose their minds over.

Check out the gay-friendly music video for “Bajito” below.

WATCH (click here for the lyrics)

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By on December 7, 2018

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