Ally Brooke Is Yet To Step It Up: Her New Song "The Truth Is In There" Is Cringe-Worthy And Rather Hypocritical: Premiere

Ally Brooke the truth is in there

Ever since Fifth Harmony was formed I always considered Ally Brooke to be one of the most talented girls and the one I imagined the biggest solo career for. But man, just a handful of years have proven I was so wrong. Camila and Normani ended up being the most successful solo girls. Because I don't know what Ally is doing with her career, I just know she's doing things badly. She needs to change management or label immediately. After releasing various collaborations (all of them flopping), Ally now gives us "The Truth Is In there". Her debut solo single at last? Not yet. Atlantic wanted to clarify this. So they strongly stressed in the press release that this wasn't Ally's official debut solo single and that that song would come out in early 2019 instead. So what's "The Truth Is In There"? Well, besides being generic as hell, it is a song Ally simply recorded for a new Weight Watchers campaign.

Diane Warren wrote this song and was the one who though Ally Brooke was the best artist to sing it (mmmm.... ok. Or was it because everybody else refused it? lol):

"When Oprah called me and asked me for a song, I had just written ‘The Truth Is In There’” said Diane Warren. “I thought this would be the perfect song and Ally Brooke would be the perfect artist for it. Ally is all about positivity, as is Oprah. We need a positive message in the world now more than ever and Ally Brooke delivers it in her own special way. I'm so excited about this and can't wait for everyone to hear the song!"

I love Diane and all the epic ballads she's given us in her time as a songwriter but I must speak the truth... as I always do. This song is cringe-worthy, one of Diane's weakest songs, it's insipid, and it's just not at the level we would expect from Diane and yes from a new songwriter in the game.

And as far as the production goes, it's also cringe-worthy. It features a dated dance-pop beat, which kind of sounds it never left the "demo" stage. This sounds like a song from a 16-year-old newcomer Disney singer.

Why in God's name did Ally agreed to record this? Did she really think this would be a good move for her career? Or is she just desperate?

She provided good vocals to the song but "The Truth In There" just can't be saved. I mean, that title alone is... And the hypocritical lyrics? "It's more than physical"? LOL. This is a song for WEIGHT WATCHERS! Of course for them the priority is the "physical". That's their business!

I'm still not going to throw in the towel on Ally Brooke, though. But that "official" debut single WILL be the last opportunity I give her.



By on December 23, 2018

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