A Demo/Unfinished Cut of Drake and Beyoncé's Duet "Can I?" Surfaces Online: Listen

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Drama in Drake’s camp.

The much-anticipated Drake and Beyoncé collaboration titled “Can I?”, which will supposedly appear on the rapper’s forthcoming “Views from the 6” album, has leaked online in its demo/unfinished form (in high quality). The person to blame? A guy named Sal Houdini who recorded the demo for Drake. His vocals are the ones that are featured in the first part of the song. You’ll notice it, as evidently the male vocals heard aren’t from Drake. The rest it is OVO rapper.

How did this leak happen? Sal Houdini uploaded the “Can I?” demo on SoundCloud in private for only some select people to hear but you know that Drake/Beyoncé fans are; they like to leak everything, so they did and betrayed Sal. He’s now apologized via Instagram for everything that he’s caused.

Once you listen to the demo/unfinished cut of “Can I?” below you’ll see that is isn’t the full version. The outro is just way too long and clearly a loop. And there’s definitely have to be a second verse, and remember that all of Sal Houdini’s vocals will be replaced by Drake’s in the final edit of “Can I?” as the collaboration it’s all about a ‘love battle’ between Bey and Drake. Having said that, this demo unmistakably shows us how the song is ‘like’, and sadly I’m not feeling it. I like the bass-heavy, chill beat, but the overall song may be sexy but it’s very underwhelming. Will the final edit change things? I hope!

Hit or Miss?

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By on May 21, 2015

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