5 Seconds of Summer Premiere "Want You Back" Music Video, But Can The Single Still Be Saved? Watch Now!

5 seconds of summer want you back video
5 seconds of summer want you back video premiere

The shock of the year so far has been the unexpectedly flop of 5 Seconds of Summer's comeback single "Want You Back". The song started really strong when released just a few weeks ago, topping a few iTunes charts around the world, but the bad reviews (we all agreed it was a weak first single and that it was a bit of a disgrace the band would offer such an inspired sound for their long awaited comeback) unfortunately ended up knocking out the 5SOS track. Just days after the release the song exited the Top 100 on the American iTunes charts and despite the music video release today the single is yet to come back to the Top 100. And yes, that's very bad considering we're talking about a band with the fanbase of 5 Seconds of Summer. Evidently their fans got bored of "Want You Back" fast. And you know what? I just can't understand how the band haven't processed this "memo" yet. They should have scrapped this as the first single and had released a different song already. But nah, their so stubborn that they've now premiered a music video for "Want You Back".

The new 5SOS music video is a colorful visual full of fluorescent lights where the band members defy gravity by performing on walls in spinning rooms. Can't say I didn't enjoy this (Luke looking dreamy helped a lot) but I'll probably get bored after the second or third watch, just like the majority of the 5SOS fandom with the song.

If the band's next single is a flop I would recommend the band just expanding their forthcoming tour and focus making that a success.


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By on March 27, 2018
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