30 Seconds To Mars Release Underwhelming New Song "Rescue Me": What's Happening!?

thirty seconds to mars rescue me

I seriously recommend 30 Seconds to Mars to stop releasing countdown singles fro their upcoming album “America”. With each new song they are releasing, I’m losing so strongly the desire to acquire a copy of the album when it comes out next week. I didn’t like their last countdown single “One Track Mind” and I ain’t loving this new one “Rescue Me” either. What the hell is going with 30 Seconds to Mars? They’ve lost their mojo! If you compare “Rescue Me” to any of the songs from the band’s 2009 “This Is War” album, you’ll notice that Jared Leto and Co. appear to have simply given up on pushing themselves.

Rescue me from the demons in my mind / Rescue me from the lovers in my life”, screams Jared Leto on the chorus of this shamelessly mainstream song. At time I feel like 30 Seconds of Mars have been shook by the success of Imagine Dragons, which have taken their target audience by storm in the years they have been out.

You have the right to “evolve”, I get it, but “Rescue Me” is terrible, boring and uninspired.


Read the lyrics to "Rescue Me" here

By on March 30, 2018
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