Wynter Gordon - 'Still Getting Younger' (Video)

Wynter Gordon - 'Still Getting Younger' (Video)

Wynter Gordon has premiered the music video for "Still Getting Younger", the last single from her debut album "With The Music I Die" - The 26-year-old New Yorker took to Twitter to announce the news; "SO the LAst Music Video of the WiththemusicIdie ERA drops today !!!! STILL GETTING YOUNGER !!!!!.. goin out with a bang", "Im so proud of WITH THE MUSIC I DIE ..thank you to everyone who supported the music .thank you thank you thank for allowing me to share"...*sheds a tear*. It's truly the end an era...an amazing one that's for sure! "With The Music I Die" was actually one of my favorite albums of 2011, and I still regularly play a bunch of songs from it. Wynter's brilliant lyrics, and beats (the cohesive dance-pop productions from "WTMID" are to die for) get my mood up everytime.

One day Ms Wynter Gordon wil be the HUGE artist she deserves to be! Great songwriter, great vocalist, great persona, great style, girl's got it all! I thought 'Dirty Talk" was gonna be her big break for once and for all, but it was only a 'club' hit in the end. I guess she'll need to bring something 'more' on the table next time. Anyway, I love Wynter's decided to release "Still Getting Younger" as the album's LAST single. It's one of my faves! The whole concept of it lyrics-wise, and its vintage-nostalgic dance beat are so good. As for the Dan Eckman-directed visual (watch above), it sees Wynter living her own 'teenage dream'. She goes up to the rooftop of some building and acts like life is problem-free just fooling about with her 'boyfriend', and belting the lyrics of "Still Getting Younger" to the infinite and beyond. LOVE!

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By on June 11, 2012

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