Watch Tinashe's Fierce "Company" Music Video!

tinashe company video
tinashe company video premiere

Watch Tinashe's Fierce "Company" Music Video!

I'm just so slayed by this video.

Just when you thought Tinashe couldn't get any fiercer, she premieres the official music video for "Company" and she blows a few millions of minds away!

"Company" is a super catchy and super sassy urban-pop song from Miss Tinashe's latest mixtape "Nightride" - you know, the project she was FORCED to release kind of by herself last November (as she knew fans were getting too impatient and tired) since her label of RCA Records was continuously pushing back her second album "Joyride" - and hopefully it will turn into a late-bloomer radio hit for Tin-Tin this winter.

The "Company" music video (watch below) sees beautiful Tinashe fiercely dancing non-stop choreographies with boys and with girls. The boys will eventually get shirtless and entice Tinashe with their six-packs. And to wrap it up, everyone will get together and pull one last sexy dance-heavy moment.


*I just can't at Tinashe's body, face, and hair in this video!

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By on January 6, 2017

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