Watch Anne-Marie Debut New Song "Dear Mrs Prime Minister" Live!

anne marie dear mrs prime minister

Watch Anne-Marie Debut New Song "Dear Mrs Prime Minister" Live!

Rockabye” and “Ciao Adios” singer Anne-Marie is feeling political this week. Last night she posted a video on Twitter where she debuted live from her room an acoustic ballad she had recently written called “Dear Mrs Prime Minister”. Anne-Marie is British so the Mrs. Prime Minister she refers to in her song is Theresa May. But it’s not only her Anne-Marie addresses in her new acoustic song; she also has things to say to Donald Trump. Because although she doesn’t speaks his proper name, we all know the “Mr. President” she mentions it’s the Donald. “Dear Mrs Prime Minister” is a protest song against all the unjust things that are happening the world, the bad decisions of Theresa May and the crazy presidency of Donald Trump. Anne-Marie goes as far as to saying: “And as for Mr President / It’s like World War III / And he don’t give a f*ck”. Is it like “World War III” already? Well, I’ve seen the World War II documentaries and I don’t think we’re at that level yet. Anne-Marie might want to revise this lyric line if she decides to properly record “Dear Mrs Prime Minister”. That lyric might offend some people. But other than that I felt Anne-Marie’s sincerity, her desire to make a change in the world, and her voice was just beautiful!

By on December 29, 2017

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