VIDEO: Britney Spears & Tinashe Do “Slumber Party” Live In Las Vegas Show!

tinashe and britney in las vegas

VIDEO: Britney Spears & Tinashe Do “Slumber Party” Live In Las Vegas Show!

Lucky were the fans that bought tickets and attended the Wednesday 25th concert of Britney Spears’ Las Vegas residency show this week. The princess of pop had a surprise in store for them.

The mother of two brought R&B singer Tinashe on stage halfway the “Slumber Party” performance!


Tinashe looked so sexy, Britney looked so sexy, and although Tin seemed somewhat lost at moments in the choreography, she made it work.

But, didn’t you get a cold vibe from Britney towards Tinashe during the first minute or so of her walking in? It almost seemed like Britney didn’t know what to do with Tinashe, lol. Poor her. Maybe she got nervous! The chemistry between them improved towards the end of the performance and when they got close to the audience. They wrapped it up kissing goodbye, and Britney shouting “give it up for Tinashe!” to the whole auditorium.

Re-watch Britney and Tinashe’s first ever “Slumber Party” joint performance from last month’s Jingle Ball in L.A here.

PS: Many thanks to the fan that recorded the video of this week’s performance in HD! It was incredible to watch!

Were you slayed?

By on January 27, 2017

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