Tinashe - Aquarius lyrics

Tinashe with “Aquarius” is the opening and title track of Tinashe's debut LP "Aquarius". In the lyrics of "Aquarius", Tinashe softly sings about her own world. She welcomes us to a place where she can feel free and powerful. It's place where her lover won't have to bother about them "hoes" too. This "The age of Aquarius", Tinashe says.

Aquarius lyrics

Simmer down, know you're ready
I can make, make it okay
I can tell, I'mma be your baby
This stress, not enough ways and now
These hoes you know will hold you down
Getting so hard to see the lights

Lights, lights low, low, low
Grind, grind, grind slow, slow
Mind, mind, mind numb, numb, numb
I'll, I'll, I'll come, come



I remember... back in the woods
Everything is gonna change

In a world full of darkness
I've become your midnight sun
Wanna change, the first step is the hardest
A brand new age, it's funny because right now
This life will hold me down
Getting so hard to see the stars

Stars, stars are blind, blind, blind
Cover it, pretty up, before it's blind, blind
And my mind, mind, mind numb, numb, numb
Times, times, times come, come



The age of Aquarius
The dawn of a new era



(Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius)
(Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius)
Welcome to my world


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