Timbaland - 'Hands In The Air' (Music Video)

Timbaland - 'Hands In The Air' (Music Video)

Not gonna lie...Timbaland's back with a bang! His fist-pumping dance/urban/pop collaboration with singer Ne-Yo called "Hands In The Air", a new single from the upcoming 'Step Up Revolution' movie soundtrack, is pretty awesome! Ne-Yo's verses are kind of 'meh', BUT that infectious beat, and the pre-chorus and chorus are hot-hot stuff. Totally loving those! "Hands In The Air" has 'it' to triumph on the dancefloors across the US (and hopefully if the movie does great internationally, even beyond) this summer!

As for the Marc Klassfeld-directed MV for the new Timbaland single, this features a basic 'nightclub' theme. The clip opens with Timbo by the bar flirting with a good-looking chick who will try to further catch the attention of the hit-maker producer by executing a so-sexy, so-wow chair routine with a few of her girl-friends. Other scenes feature Ne-Yo in a red-lighted room getting a lap-dance from a lady friend. And ff course the Marc Klassfeld-directed "Hands In The Air" video also show us exclusive new footage from the actual 'Step Up Revolution' film, which by the way, opens in America on July 27th.

What do you think of the video?

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By on July 7, 2012

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