The Vamps - "Last Night" [Music Video]

The Vamps - "Last Night" [Music Video]

British pop/rock band The Vamps set up their own fair in a warehouse in the music video for "Last Night", the newest single from the four-piece group's forthcoming debut album which according to Virgin EMI should be arring around "Easter" time this year.

I just cannot get the melody of the chorus of "Last Night" out my head. It's so catchy, it's ridiculous. This is The Vamps' best shot to get their first No.1 in the UK!

the vamps last night lead singer
the vamps last night video fair

The music video pretty much explains itself. Their label gave them a budget, and The Vamps decided to "build their own party". They set up a fair in a warehouse, brought a few friends along, and had a blast riding the attractions, dancing like fools (but having fun nevertheless) and putting chains on two poor iguanas. Why?. By the way, the lead singer of The Vamps (Bradley Simpson) looked to young to me, so I checked and it turns out he's 18 years old! Say what?. So young to be in a band... (get that $$ though!).

What do you think of the video?

the vamps last night video premiere
By on February 27, 2014

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