The Best Night Ever? One Direction Get Booed (Lady Gaga Show Support), Get Shade From Taylor Swift at 2013 VMAs

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The Best Night Ever? One Direction Get Booed (Lady Gaga Show Support), Get Shade From Taylor Swift at 2013 VMAs

The 2013 VMAs will surely be a night One Direction and Harry Styles won't be able to forget. There was so much drama going on around the British boyband, they must've been affected by it all somewhat. But, in the end, they should just remember they've just won their first 'Moonman', their upcoming concerts are all sold out, and they're still selling singles and albums like hotcakes. So, F everbody, right?. But let's recap the drama for a bit:

1). One Direction were in charge of presenting the first award of the night, "Best Pop Video", which ultimately was won by Selena Gomez for "Come & Get It" (na na na na). While delivering the pre-showing-of-the-nominees speech, the MTV cameras focused on Taylor Swift, who out of nowhere, dropped the F-bomb, allegedly on One Direction.

2). When accepting the "Best Female Video" award for "I Knew You Were Trouble", a shady Taylor Swift thanked the guy who inspired the song. At the beginning I thought too the song was written about an older Taylor ex, but during an interview after the 2013 BRIT Awards , where she performed the song, Taylor admitted "Trouble" was indeed about Harry Styles. So, what kind of unnecessary shade was this?.

3). Last but not least, One Direction were proclaimed victorious at the fan-voting category of "Best Song of the Summer" for "Best Song Ever". While thanking the 'Directioners' for their continuous support, the Barclays Center crowd began booing Zayn and Co. quite loudly. I don't get why?. At the same time, a special MTV camera that was recording the guest artists' reactions in the VIP area caught Gaga's reaction of the booing and she obviously seemed upset by the situation. Lady Gaga later ran backstage where she met One Direction to show them her support. You can hear her saying (video below) that she was so disgusted by the lack of manners of the crowd that she was even thinking about leaving the show. One Direction thanked her, and said they really didn't care about the booing. Still, what an awful situation to be in, right?.


Taylor drops the F-bomb

Taylor knew Harry was trouble when he walked in

One Direction get booed, Gaga comforts them

Update: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles reunited and posed for a picture together (along with common friend Ed Sheeran) at a VMAs After-Party. What!?

taylor swift and harry styles vmas after party together

By on August 26, 2013

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