Taylor Swift - "Wildest Dreams" [Music Video Premiere!]

taylor swift wildest dreams video
taylor swift wildest dreams music video

Taylor Swift - "Wildest Dreams" [Music Video Premiere!]

Taylor Swift makes out a lot with actor Scott Eastwood in the "Wildest Dreams" music video - the latest official single off "1989" - that premiered on Sunday night (Aug. 28th) on VEVO.

The Joseph Kahn-directed "Wildest Dreams" clip sees Taylor and Clint Eastwood's son - who definitely falls into the "handsome as hell" category that Tay-Tay sings about in the song - being the co-stars of a romantic movie being shot in Africa. The on-screen couple will do a lot of kissing scenes in what seems to be 40s/50s clothes , but also flying an old plane scenes and living the African safari life kicking it with the lions and giraffes scenes. Once they return to America for the film's red carpet premiere, a hopeful Taylor will think she has a chance with his good-looking co-star but she'll be crushed down when she sees with her very own eyes the Scott Eastwood character kissing another woman! Oh no! Bastard!

taylor swift scott eastwood

PS: Now that the 'next single' mystery has been resolved in favor of "Wildest Dreams". The 'next next single' debate is opened. I vote for "All You Had to Do Was Stay"... one of my favorites from the album!

What do you think of the video?

By on August 31, 2015

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