Sky Blu - 'Pop Bottles' (Music Video)

Sky Blu - 'Pop Bottles' (Music Video)

SkyBlu beats RedFoo as he's the one to premiere first the 'official' music video for 'his' debut solo single, "Pop Bottles". The track is the first offering from SkyBlu's forthcoming first solo album, after it was announced last year than the auncle, and cousin duo LMFAO was going on hiatus mode, and the party-themed clip made its way onto VEVO on April 8

Ironically, RedFoo was the first out of the two to release on iTunes his solo single, the uber party-starter "Bring Out The Bottles", last December 2012, but surprisingly he's yet to release an 'official' music video. There's only a promotional/buzz clip going around YouTube, the same SkyBlu's "Pop Bottles" had until today. His video - which you can watch above - opens with SkyBlu sitting on the beach talking on the phone about his secret show, before getting together with his troupe of party people to go to the venue, the Malibu Inn. There, SkyBlu will put on an epic show for fans, wearing fluorescent clothes and showing off his signature dance moves.

Out of two, I much prefer RedFoo's "Bring Out The Bottles". It sounded like a hit to me from the very beginning. It's a shame he's not promoting it the way it deserves. I hope a music video can save the song from passing almost completely unnoticed.

What do you think of the video?

sky blue hits the dancefloor in pop bottles video
By on April 8, 2013

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