Shontelle Performs In NYC, Announces New Single

Shontelle Performs At NYC Club, Announces New Single 1

Shontelle Performs In NYC, Announces New Single

Shontelle, known by some as 'the other Bajan singer', took the stage at the gay-friendly GUMBO party held at the 'Canal Room' in Tribeca (NYC) last weekend - There, the 'Impossible' singer caught up with music blog 'MuuMuse' to chat about her latest/future plans.

Here's the juicy stuff: 1) Shontelle revealed she's no longer bounded to Motown Records. She's signed now to Republic. "It’s a brand new label, brand new situation", she declared. 2) A new album is already in the works 3) She'll collaborate with producers such as Tony Kanal, The Runners and Rockwilder 4) The first single will be a song called "Reflection", NOT A BALLAD, and it's 'coming soon'.

Back to Shontelle's GUMBO gig, the beautiful songstress treated the people gathered there with an exclusive! Watch below Shontelle killing the stage with a brand new track *probably* titled "Ready To Go". Looks like Shontelle is gonna jump onto the 'dance-music' bandwagon!

By on July 20, 2011

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