Shock: Julia Michaels Hasn't Written Any Song For Selena Gomez' New Album!

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Shock: Julia Michaels Hasn't Written Any Song For Selena Gomez' New Album!

Issues” star Julia Michaels has confirmed she didn’t write any song for Selena Gomez’s forthcoming album.

During a conversation with a reporter from a New York City radio station, Julia announced the tragic news. “I’m actually starting on some new things for MYSELF”, she replied.


Julia Michaels wrote the iconic club hit “Slow Down” from Selena’s “Stars Dance” album and she co-wrote too a big chunk of songs from 2015’s “Revival” album. How many exactly? 8!!! (including “Good for You”, “Hands to Myself”, or “Me and the Rhythm”.

Being a huge fan of Selena’s “Revival” album, and thinking this sound she debuted in the era was the right for her, I was actually looking forward and quite convinced Interscope Records and Selena were going to ask Julia Michaels to write for the follow-up project. So yeah, I’m terribly disappointed. Julia and Selena were like the perfect combination! So sad to hear she won’t be in any form in the next Selena Gomez album. But looks like she ain’t that upset. It almost felt like she was saying to herself: “Good! I’m actually going to keep the hits now for myself and my full-length debut”. Haha. Oh well, Selena won’t give us the Julia Michaels-penned hits, but Julia Michaels is going to give them to us anyway, only sung by her! Yay!

Some other hits written by Julia...

By on August 7, 2017

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