Sean Kingston - 'Beat It' (Music Video)

Sean Kingston - 'Beat It' (Music Video)

Sean Kingston, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown chill and watch bikini-clad ladies walk by and get wet in the pool in the super-generic Collin Tilley-directed music video for Sean Kingston's super-generic new single "Beat It", produced by Nic Nac. Watch above!

Sean Kingston's career is so over. He would need a collaboration with Rihanna, or Lady Gaga or a Max Martin Dr Luke, RedOne co-production to re-launch his career. "Beat It" is one of those songs you say it might do well on the radio but realize that in the end it's just flop waiting to happen. Wiz's rap, and Chris' singing kind save the song from being a total boredom to be honest...As for the video, it's so unispired, but I guess that's the only concept Collin Tilley would go for anyway. By the way, is it me or Chris Brown looks too skinny in here?. "Beat It" is featured on Sean Kingston's upcoming third album "Back 2 Life". Is he really keeping that as the album title, though?. I mean, it's been two years since that jet-ski accident. With all the delays, I see no point now.

What do you think of the video?

sean kingston wiz khalifa chris brown sing beat it music video
By on April 29, 2013

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