Scotty McCreery - Trouble With Girls (Music Video!)

Scotty McCreery - Trouble With Girls (Music Video!)

Scotty McCreery goes back to high school in his recently-premiered "The Trouble With Girls" music video! The Mark Bright-produced country track serves as the second single from the American Idol 2011 winner's debut album "Clear as Day", an album that topped the Billboard's Top 200 Chart early in October selling over 190k copies in its first week. "The Trouble With Girls" is an enjoyable country tune, but thus far reality is this new single is failing to impress on the charts. Despite a couple of high-profile TV performances ('Ellen', 'Leno', etc), "The Trouble With Girls" remains in the last positions of the Hot 100 and is nowhere to be seen on iTunes USA's Top 100 ranking.

Will the music video help boost sales? Well, I kinda liked it actually. Thank God the MV's director didn't go with the easy route, concept-wise, and actually delivered a pretty nice vid, with sweet story behind. In the "The Trouble With Girls" MV, Scotty McCreery is a high-school student, who likes this girl, they have fun in classes, he sents her secret paper messages, they make eye contact in a baseball game, etc. It was cute. Btw, the vid was shot at Garner Magnet High School (North Carolina), where Scotty's currently a senior!

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

By on October 23, 2011

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