Scary: This Is How Brazil Welcomes Dua Lipa... "Let Me Go!"

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Scary: This Is How Brazil Welcomes Dua Lipa... "Let Me Go!"

Artists should consider bringing extra security with them when they fly to Brazil. Local fans are well known for their pushiness when trying to obtain a selfie or take a photo with their music icons, more so than in other parts of the world. And that Brazilian pushiness sometimes crosses the line and turns into cruel harassment. In this occasion, Dua Lipa was the “victim” that had to experience the good ol’ Brazilian welcoming. The British singer took a flight from London to Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday to be able to attend today the Coldplay concert the rock band will be playing in Sao Paulo as part of their on-going South American tour, and a concert that Dua Lipa will be officially opening.

When exiting the Sao Paulo airport last night, Dua Lipa was mobbed by so-called fans that were trying at all costs to get a photo with her. Things got so ugly that Dua Lipa had to shout “Guys please let me go!” in self-defense as she covered her face with one of her arms. Instead of giving their icon support, fans did the opposite and continued taking pictures of Dua. Watch the upsetting footage below:

So sad and disrespectful.

These "fans" need to understand artists can’t attend them 24/7.

By on November 8, 2017
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