Sam Smith - 'Leave Your Lover' [Music Video]

sam smith leave your love music video

Sam Smith - 'Leave Your Lover' [Music Video]

So it seems ‘Leave Your Lover’ is the new single from Sam Smith’s debut LP ‘In the Lonely Hour’. Sam actually made the soulful ‘Leave Your Lover’ available for purchase iTunes not long ago – it was this last Tuesday – and it almost immediately reached #1 on iTunes USA. It was so fast I still believe he must've broken some kind of record…but no one from iTunes camp is speaking. Anyway, many thought ‘Leave Your Lover’ was just one of those ‘countdown singles’ (very famous in the last year or so) but it turns out the song is actually Sam's new single! And he's had a music video shot and fully edited waiting in 'the vault' for a long time to get premiered! Watch below!

The music video for ‘Leave Your Lover’ shows Sam Smith with a pair of friends (a woman and man) carousing through London town, even getting in a strippers place, and it sure seems there's some kind of a love triangle going on among the three... but it's no quite clear who's into whom. Say what!? You go watch and make up your mind!

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sam smith in a stripper place
By on May 22, 2014

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