Rita Ora Serves Unexpected Bop In New Single "Anywhere": Stream

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Rita Ora Serves Unexpected Bop In New Single "Anywhere": Stream

O to the M-G. We’re shook. Completely shook.

Rita Ora has done it again. She had our jaws drop to the floor the minute we first heard “Your Song” and she’s caused the same effect on us with her long overdue follow-up single “Anywhere”. The single is officially released tomorrow, October 20th, but it is already available on certain streaming platforms. “Anywhere” will be part of Rita Ora’s much-anticipated second studio album, which will be released most likely in early 2018. But… if “Anywhere” proves to be the smash hit we think it will be, we urge Rita and her record label to push up the release date for the new album. If “Anywhere” kills it on the charts, the album must be here before the single dies out. It would be fool to ride the bound-to-happen success wave that “Anywhere” will cause and not release the album while on top of that wave. Just saying!

Back to the song, “Anywhere” sounds like any other cute mid-tempo pop song about love at the beginning but when the first chorus finishes, we will be served the surprise Rita Ora had in store for us in this song. A mega amazing EDM drop!!! And one that was so unexpected that we’re convinced you too will get the chills of joy when you first experience that ballad-to-club-anthem transition. It’s pure heaven! We loved how the song was progressing when we first started listening and we had honestly already processed the idea to give “Anywhere” a good review no matter what because we knew this would end fairly well, but that first EDM drop messed up everything for good, it made our eyes pop and we had to change our mental review from “UK hit for sure” to “global hit for sure”.

Lyrics-wise, “Anywhere” hears Rita Ora singing about the necessity to run far away with her lover because for some reason she feels where they are right now isn’t the place to truly develop their relationship, either because of family issues, bad energies, etc. “Over the hills, and far away / A million miles from LA / Just anywhere away with you / I know we've got to get away”, sings the British star in the chorus.



By on October 19, 2017
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