Psy - 'Gentleman' (Music Video)

Psy - 'Gentleman' (Music Video)

South Korean viral sensation Psy debuts the music video for "Gentleman", the follow-up to his 2012 monster hit "Gangnam Style". The clip was filmed in Psy's hometown of Seoul earlier this month, it was directed by Jo Soo Hyun (the mastermind behind the 'GS' visual as well) and features Brown Eyed Girls' member Ga-In as the lead female, just as 4 Minute's Hyun-a was in "Gangnam Style".

In fact, Brown Eyed Girls is kind of strongly present in the "Gentleman" clip. For the signature dance move in this video (as the 'invisible horse-riding' step was in "Gangnam Style") is Brown Eyed Girls' legendary hip dance made famous in their 'Abracadabra' video. The rest of it, is pure comedy! The "Gentleman" MV is just crude, ridiculous and will make you wanna laugh for sure. The storyline is actually clever. Playing with the 'being a gentleman' idea and give it a sarcastic twist was cool. And the massive 'Abracadabra' flash-mob was spectacular! Brown Eyed Girls must be really exicted about this feature, 'cause if "Gentleman" becomes a global hit, then no doubt people are going to ask where that 'hip dance' came from and Brown Eyed Girls will get that international exposure.

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psy and gain do the hip dance in gentleman video
By on April 13, 2013

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