Paris Hilton Readies Sophomore CD - Out This Year & Listen To "I Need You" (New Song!)

Paris Hilton Readies Sophomore CD

Paris Hilton Readies Sophomore CD - Out This Year & Listen To "I Need You" (New Song!)

Hotel heiress & Pop singer Paris Hilton confirms to have completed her second studio album which is expected to hit stores later in 2010. "My record is just in production now. I recently finished recording it. It's very like dance, club music." The "Stars Are Blind" singer also says she has found inspiration in Kylie Minogue for her new LP "I really have always loved Kylie Minogue - she's like, one of my favourite artists. I've just been really inspired by her. I just wanted my music to kind of... emulate her."

Paris Hilton released back in 2006 her self-titled debut album that I still clearly remember took the #6 position on the Billboard Chart in its first week, beating Kelis' "Kelis Was Here" LP in sales - something that I found to be atleast curious. Overall, I think Ms Hilton delivered a pretty decent pop album. I remember being shocked - but in a good way - when I first heard "Stars Are Blind". It was good! The album had a few other good tracks and some fillers but to be music coming from Paris Hilton I thought she had done a commendable job.

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Her second album was due for release in 2008, she had been spotted going into the studio that year several times but the months passed and it seemed like the album was scrapped or something. So the project was on stand by. Two years later Paris is back and will indeed release this heavily-delayed CD in just a few months. The first single has been already chosen, no info on the title yet, but we know Paris is shooting today, July 28, the music video for it in Ibiza, Spain. Word has it single premieres in August!

"Good morning everyone! It's 7:30am and on my way to my music video shoot! What an incredible house were shooting at and the weather is just beautiful! I Love Ibiza!" VIA: Paris' Twitter

And just as a coincidence, a new unreleased track by Paris has surfaced the Web. It's entitled "I Need You". A poppy ballad. Sounds average. I'm sure the production and everything will be different in the new material of her forthcoming second album. A snippet of this song actually leaked in March but today, the day we have official confirmation Paris is soon to return to the music, releases the full version.

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