One Direction - Gotta Be You (Music Video!)

One Direction - Gotta Be You (Music Video!)

British boyband One Direction, composed of Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Niall, have premiered via VEVO today (November 8th) the official music video for "Gotta Be You" - The Steve Mac-written and produced pop ballad serves as the 2nd single from One Direction's upcoming debut album "Up All Night", scheduled for UK release on November 21st. I can already see in my crystal ball that the OD lads are gonna sell HUGE numbers of that album. I reckon they'll surpass the 1 million copies mark by the end of the year.

Back to "Gotta Be You", this is THE definition of a classic boyband ballad. It's got it all! From the orchestral production, to the sweet lyrics and the mesmerizing chorus with the beautiful harmonies, and the catchy line, which in this case is "It's gotta be youuuuu". As for the MV, it's very simple, but serves the purpose I guess. Still, I'm pretty shocked One Direction's record label is not giving them more money for vids. Anyhow, as far the video plot goes, it basically sees the five band members singing and travelling to an unknown place with nostalgia. Taking a train, a scooter motorcycle or simply a car, the guys end up in New York's Lake Placid meeting their respective 'girls' and enjoying a bonfire and fireworks display.

What do YOU think of the music video/song?

One Direction - Gotta Be You (Music Video!)1
By on November 8, 2011

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