No Doubt - 'Looking Hot' (Music Video)

Taken down by request...Sorry!

No Doubt - 'Looking Hot' (Music Video)

Check out No Doubt play cowboys and indians in the music video for "Looking Hot", the latest single from their 'comeback' studio album "Push And Shove" (Interscope)...Watch now above!

I like the cheeky concept and it certainly shows all ND members had fun on the shooting. By the way, how stunning does Gwen Stefani look!?. Gurl has without a doubt found the elixir of eternal youth. That face! As for 'Looking Hot', it's a good song, much better than previous single title track "Push and Shove" and let's hope it becomes the 'savior' single of the album, cause so far it's not doing that good (or as expected).

What do you think of the video?

No Doubt - 'Looking Hot' (Music Video)

By on November 3, 2012

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