Nicki Minaj Visits 'The Graham Norton Show'

Nicki Minaj Visits 'The Graham Norton Show'

nicki graham pictureYoung Money star Nicki Minaj has been doing intense promotion in support of her latest record "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" this week in the UK and one of the pinnacles was her appearance on the BBC 1 comedy chat hit show 'Graham Norton' on Friday night (April 20th). Watch below!. BTW, there was no performance, it was just an interview. I don't get it would have been a great selling outlet for 'Starships'. Anyhow, during the 11-minute chat Nicki had with Graham, with some interruptions by the other guests on the red couch, Mark Ruffalo and John Bishop, she candidly spoke about the current landscape of female rappers, deleting her Twitter, the true meaning of her music, kissing Madonna, explained a few of her own slang terms, etc. Interesting watch! FYI: The 'Starships' video premieres next Wednesday!.


By on April 21, 2012

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