New Song: Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel) - 'Beautiful'

New Song: Mariah Carey (ft. Miguel) - 'Beautiful'

And the new Mariah Carey era begins! Today (May 6) saw the world premiere of pop diva Mariah's brand new single "#Beautiful" (with a hashtag, yeah) featuring new 'it' R&B crooner, Miguel. The Happy Perez co-produced song will be serving as the lead single from MiMi's upcoming fourteenth studio album due in stores later in 2013.

Well, oh, well. "#Beautiful" is a beautiful song. Mariah's new single is a romantic ballad with a warming retro vibe. It's got some static in the background, like one of those old 45 rpm records is know what I mean?. The song is divided as follows; Mariah humms the intro, Miguel SLAYS the first verse and chorus, Lamb mother takes control of the second verse and chorus, and for the end, MiMi and Miguel get to an ad-lib and vocal battle. Although "#Beautiful" sounds it first single material?.

I'm not so sure. It's very minimalistic. Not that it's a bad thing, but first singles are 'the moment' to catch people's attention. I'm sure Mariah knows that better than anyone. Remember when she released the banger "It's Like That", before the stunning "We Belong Together"?. In any case, I like it, and I'll buy it. I'll be interesting though to see how Mariah stans, and the overall US audience receive this. My fear is that summer is almost here and people, and radios too, might be more in favor of playing more upbeat, 'less with substance, to think of' records. Still a duet composed of Mariah freakin' Carey and 'man of the moment' Miguel cannot be a flop, right?. I too think "#Beautiful" may had its best release date on Valentine's Day, for instance. Oh, and the first televised performance of this will also be a key, 'life or death' situation.

Hit or Miss?

By on May 6, 2013

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