New Song: Luke Bryan - "That’s My Kind of Night" [Full / Studio]

New Song: Luke Bryan - "That’s My Kind of Night" [Full / Studio]

Is this country-rap style going to last much longer?. I can't deal with it anymore. Listen now to the studio edit of Luke Bryan's new single from his upcoming album "Crash My Party", entitled "That's My Kind of Night", which premiered on US radios on July 31.

Written by Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson and Chris DeStefano, "That's My Kind of Night" follows Luke's recent three-week No. 1 song, "Crash My Party". This has got to be one of the worst country songs I've heard so far in 2013. Brad Paisley's "Accidental Racist", Jason Aldean's "Dirt Road Anthem", and most recently, Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise", this country-rap experiment has to end soon. I kinda tolerated the 'featuring Nelly' remix of "Cruise", but that's about it. And if you're gonna do rap, or bring some kind of hip-hop influence into your music, do it in a nice and intelligent way, not Luke Bryan's way.

"That's My Kind of Night" is atrocious. The lyrics in particular. Luke sings about country and hip hop cliches, not forgetting to add overtly sexual lyrics. Because that's what sells in country music, right?. I actually like Luke's vocals, and he's an excellent performer, but "That's My Kind of Night" is a big no-no. Can you imagine if Luke announces next a remix with T-Pain or something like that?, lol. That'll be the death of me.

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By on August 1, 2013

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