New Song: Lawson (feat. B.o.B) - 'Brokenhearted'

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New Song: Lawson (feat. B.o.B) - 'Brokenhearted'

Rising UK pop/rock boyband Lawson premiered their brand new single "Brokenhearted" featuring rapper B.o.B online on Wednesday (May 15) via their official Soundcloud account. "Brokenhearted" serves as the lead single from Lawson's upcoming sophomore studio album due in stores in 2013. "Brokenhearted" hits iTunes UK on July 7.

This sounds like a summer smash! The beginning of the song (the instrumental) is very Adam Lambert's 'Whataya Want From Me', don't you think?. Anyway, "Brokenhearted" is a great track, greatly sung, good lyrics, potent, sticks-in-your-head chorus, and Bobby Ray's verse adds a very good vibe to the song as well. This deserves to be a hit! Could "Brokenhearted" be Lawson's first UK #1?. I think so! Now that JLS is over, and One Direction have left their home market to please their international fans with a new tour and most likely won't be releasing a new single off "Take Me Home" this summer, Lawson can take advantage of this moment to consolidate as the #2 teen boyband in the UK.

Hit or Miss?

By on May 15, 2013

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