New Song: Kelly Clarkson - 'Tie It Up' (Studio)

New Song: Kelly Clarkson - 'Tie It Up' (Studio)

She debuted it live with a performance at the 2013 CMA Festival in Nashville two weeks ago, and today (June 18), Kelly Clarkson gives us the high-quality studio version of her new single, "Tie It Up". Written by Ashley Arrison, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne, "Tie It Up" is a fun catchy record that is half country, half rock. Kelly delivers great vocals, and although at first I thought, 'hmmm, doesn't this have too many words?', the same thing I said for P!nk's "Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and it turned out to be a hit. Kelly's new single "Tie It Up" is scheduled to hit iTunes and other digital platforms on June 25.

So it looks like Kelegend is really loving 'country' these days. First, she included "Don't Rush" featuring Vince Gill on her "Greatest Hits: Chapter One" album, and released it as single, and now she unleashes this brand new song "Tie It Up", which by the way, ain't that hard to figure out that the fact Kelly herself is getting married next October with Brandon Blackstock had something to do to creating it. I like 'country' Kelly, she sounds really comfortable in this genre, and now that radios are shunning down her pop single "People Like Us", going back to country for a minute might not be a bad idea at all.

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By on June 18, 2013

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