New Song: Jason Derulo - 'Talk Dirty'

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New Song: Jason Derulo - 'Talk Dirty'

Jason Derulo gave BBC Radio 1xtra the green light to premiere his new UK single "Talk Dirty" last Monday (July 22). But, since no fan made a decent, high quality radio rip of the audio premiere of the 2 Chainz-featured track and therefore no 'buzz' was made on the Internet, Jason has been forced to release the HQ studio edit of "Talk Dirty" himself, uploading it on his official SoundCloud account. Listen above!

"Talk Dirty" becomes the second official offering from Jason's upcoming third studio album, entitled "Tattoos", which will hit stores across the world next September 23 via Warner Bros. Records. As hinted by Jason on the 'title' of the song on Soundcloud, "Talk Dirty" will be the official follow-up to his hit single "The Other Side" only in the UK. The US will have to wait more time to get its new JD exclusive single. "Talk Dirty" is a racy urban song, with a Middle-Eastern flavor, that features a verse from rapper 2 Chainz.

Hmmmm, what a risky move. I appreciate the 'freshness' "Talk Dirty" brings to the current radio scene, but I don't see it as a hit single. I like the fact Jason is experimenting a bit with new sounds for his new album, but making "Talk Dirty" a single could be harmful to the new era if it flops. Standing up after a flop single isn't always easy. But, maybe his label wants to see the fans' reaction to Jason's new sound in "Talk Dirty" and are using the UK as a test market. In any case, I think Jason should stick for some more time with his uptempo. dance cuts, which are what radios love to play the most "The Other Side" is still doing okay in the US, so the 2nd single for that market may be held up until the summer ends.

Hit or Miss?

By on July 23, 2013

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