New Song: Icona Pop - 'All Night'

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New Song: Icona Pop - 'All Night'

Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop released their new single "All Night" on iTunes early on Tuesday, July 23. "All Night" will become the official follow-up to their smash hit "I Love It" in the USA. Carolina and Aino's debut album "This Is..." is scheduled for release on August 27th, 2013 via Atlantic Records in America, whereas the album will be distributed by other subsidiaries of the Warner Music Group in the rest of the world.

So glad, and relieved, I can say "All Night" is MILES better than "Girlfriend". It's club-ready, Icona Pop's trademark 'chants' are present, the dance beat is kind of resemblant to "I Love It" (actually the whole of "All Night" sounds similar to "I Love It". Their DNA is the same.) and the lyrics are exactly what every teenager/young adult (Icona Pop's main 'target audience') wants to hear when in party mood, ("We could do this all night!)". "All Night" is great, but not at the same level of "I Love It". Still, it can do a great job this summer.

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By on July 23, 2013

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