New Song: Ariana Grande - 'Baby I' [Full]

ariana grande baby i artwork cover

New Song: Ariana Grande - 'Baby I' [Full]

Listen now to the official follow-up to Ariana Grande's breakthrough hit "The Way", "Baby I". The also R&B love mid-tempo got released on iTunes early on July 22. "Baby I" serves as the second single from 20-year-old Ariana's upcoming debut studio album entitled "Yours Truly", due in stores on September 3 via Universal Republic Records.

The way Ariana Grande sounds like a young Mariah Carey is just amazing, and only indicates the huge potential of this girl. "Baby I" is another 90's sounding R&B track, with uplifting lyrics speaking of falling deep in love, and Ms Grande absolutely killing it vocally. "Baby I" may lack, just a bit, of the radio-instant appeal of "The Way", and catchiness, but ultimately "Baby I" is another good song, suggesting "Yours Truly" will be a must-buy.

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By on July 22, 2013

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