New Music: Yellowcard - 'Always Summer'

New Music: Yellowcard - 'Always Summer'

Although there's still a few months left until their much-anticipated eighth studio album hits retailers' shelves, Florida pop-punk band Yellowcard give us NOW the official lead single, the uptempo feel-good alternative-rock track "Always Summer"...Listen above! The Ryan Key-led band released just over a year ago their seventh LP "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes", ending that way a four-year hiatus. And it seems now they don't want fans to wait a lot to get their Yellowcard new music fix anymore, hence a new album release just a year later. It's true that that 7th album didn't spawn any Top 40 hit, but for the 2012 era Yellowcard have done their homework, having crafted the radio-friendly hit-sounding song, "Always Summer". The song hit iTunes on May 21st, just in time for US radios to pick it up and make it a summer smash. The new single is so good! It's classic Yellowcard, and one of their best efforts YET. I like the lyrics, the violin, the chorus, and the energy. You have a hit on your hands, guys! Don't mess it up!


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By on May 22, 2012

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