New Music: TLC - "Meant To Be"

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New Music: TLC - "Meant To Be"

TLC will be releasing next week (October 15th) a new greatest hits album, named "20" (celebrating the 20-plus existence of the best-selling girl group in history. R.I.P Left Eye). The set will include thirteen of TLC's biggest songs plus one new track, "Meant To Be", penned by Ne-Yo. This is the song that's been released through VEVO today, in order to build hype for the almost-upon us release of "20".

Love these girls to death, but do you really think "20" will sell?. They're also said to be working in the studio on a full album with all-new material, thanks to their renewed deal with Sony, to be released in 2014. Why don't wait till then to make a re-appearance in the music market?. I fear "20" will be a flop. They're actually making the "20" album release sort of coincide with the premiere of the TLC VH1 biopic "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" which premieres on TV on October 21. Shouldn't the CD come out after, though?.

As for the only new song on "20", "Meant To Be" (Lady Gaga's "Posh Life" was scrapped. Say what!?), it's a nice R&B ballad with tender lyrics. Ne-Yo's creation actually sounds like a TLC song from back in the day. So props to him!. Do I love "Meant To Be", though?. I don't hate it, but it's not a "wow" song. I do have to say Chilli sounds great in it!

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By on October 8, 2013

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