New Music: Rixton - "Me And My Broken Heart" [Full Audio & Review]

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New Music: Rixton - "Me And My Broken Heart" [Full Audio & Review]

Rixton's debut album keeps getting interesting and interesting. There are many sides to the UK pop/rock group. If their first single "Make Out" sounded goofy, and possibly too-bubblegum for many tastes, (and let's just skip its side-eye worthy music video), Rixton's second single "Me and My Broken Heart" is the complete opposite. True it's still pop/rock, but a more intelligent kind of pop/rock. It's radio-friendly, it's well-produced (Benny Blanco again?), the melody in the chorus is really pleasant (it sounds familiar, though) and overall the construction of "Me and My Broken Heart" feels right. It is a bit "dated" sounding? Perhaps, but I don't think it's something radios will refuse to play.

Rixton's new single was world premiered last night (Feb. 19) on Los Angeles' KIISS FM on JoJo's Top 9@9 show. Scooter Braun is really trying to make the UK's foursome happen. Good. "Make Out" was totally overseen by US radio (there was no real "major" promo though), so let's see if "Me and My Broken Heart" can have a better run.

Rating: 3.5/5

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By on February 20, 2014

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