New Music: Mariah Carey - "You're Mine (Eternal)" + Trey Songz Remix [HQ + Full]

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New Music: Mariah Carey - "You're Mine (Eternal)" + Trey Songz Remix [HQ + Full]

They're here! The official audio of Mariah Carey's brand new single "You're Mine (Eternal)" and the official urban remix for it featuring Trey Songz have surfaced online hours before the set 8AM (EST) premiere time today, February 12th on US radio stations.

A Brazilian website is responsible for the leak. Will this have an impact on sales? Not really, because the iTunes release time wasn't fixed yet, it was only said that it'd happen after the radio premiere. So get your first listen first, and wait for the iTunes buy.

"You're Mine (Eternal)" is a beautiful, romantic ballad produced by Rodney Jerkins. Mariah delivers sweets vocals in the verses, gets hyptonic in the chorus, and goes on a frenzy in the last seconds. The "urban" remix with Trey Songz is quite solid too! I like her verse with Trigga a lot. They sound good together. Perhaps Mimi should send both versions to Pop radio and let them decide which one to play. They're equally great in my opinion. The music video for "You're Mine (Eternal)" - solo version - premieres tonight on MTV at 7:50pm (EST). She'll be interviewed by Sway first before the video hitting your TV screen.

Update: The songs are now available on iTunes. VEVO audio videos added below.

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Main Version
Remix with Trey Songz
By on February 12, 2014

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