New Music: Lana del Rey - 'West Coast' (Full)

Lana del Rey West Coast Cover Art

New Music: Lana del Rey - 'West Coast' (Full)

Lana del Rey gave BBC Radio 1 the authorization to be the first radio in the world to play her brand new single "West Coast" on Monday, April 14th. The beautiful ballad is the official lead single from the NYC singer's forthcoming second studio album called "Ultraviolence" (Interscope). The album is expected to come out on May 1st (More info).

She only previewed a few seconds of "West Coast" at her live concerts in Las Vegas and Coachella over the weekend, as Lana wanted the full thing to be heard only 'til today. Was the wait worth it? Listen now to "West Coast" below and you be the judge!

Review: Standard Lana del Rey flawless jam. "Down in the West Coast, they got a saying/If you're not drinking, then you're not playing", sings the 27-year-old singer in the first verse of the moody "West Coast". The ballad is both baroque pop and a little rock. Lana's mesmerizing nostalgic singing will definitely make you want to listen to "West Coast" in its entirety non-stop. Lana reveals for us some of the clichés, and customs in the golden coast in the lyrics. We can't wait to fly to L.A, make our way to a deserted beach and lied down on our beach hair listen to beautiful "West Coast" at sunrise.

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Lana del Rey performs at 2014 Coachella
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By on April 14, 2014

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