New Music: Kelis - 'Distance'

New Music: Kelis - 'Distance'

Eclectic singer Kelis comes forward with the first single from her upcoming 'Flesh Tone' follow-up album, the UK garage-influenced track "Distance", which received its first play on Reprezent 107.3FM’s "The Beatnik Mix" (UK) on Sunday (July 1st)...Listen above! Produced by English dubstepper Skream, "Distance" is an all whisper-y tune (very Kelis these days), which although lacks a proper chorus, it gains points with that awesome kinda dark, 90's garage music production! I applaud Kelis for deciding to stay original and not falling into the claws of the 'current' uber-commercial dance/pop sound. The question here is though...if "Distance" is the correct choice for 1st single. I personally dig it, and it's growing on me with each play, BUT...being honest, I just don't see a great future on the charts to it. It's just too risky.

What do you think of 'Distance'?

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By on July 1, 2012

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