New Music: Justin Bieber - "All Bad"

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New Music: Justin Bieber - "All Bad"

He's not entirely a bad boy when it comes to relationships and Justin Bieber seeks to set the record straight in "All Bad", a brand new song and the sixth single release from the Canadian pop singer's "Music Mondays" series. Listen below to Justin defend his reputation over the three-minute long slow jam. Another shot at Selena Gomez?.

"All Bad" was released thirty minutes after midnight on Monday, November 11th. The track was late on its usual 00:00 hrs launch for unknown reasons. Rumor has it, it got something to do with Justin Bieber allegedly being rushed to an Argentinian hospital on Sunday night for "food poisoning". The artist talked about it on Twitter, saying he was feeling sick but that he was going to perform the sold-out show for his fans anyway. According to concert-goers, Justin was forced to cut the show short, and get to a hospital quickly. The irony with the "All Bad" release, huh? Belibers plan to take the song #1 on iTunes to show their support for Justin and make him feel good in these "hard times".

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By on November 11, 2013

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