New Music: Jennifer Lopez - 'Bailar Nada Mas'

New Music: Jennifer Lopez - 'Bailar Nada Mas'

Oh my, this is not bueno! Pop diva Jennifer Lopez has recorded a Spanish version of her latest RedOne-produced hit "Dance Again", and that has just surfaced online for our listening pleasure (or not?)...Listen above! The 'hispanic' edit is called "Bailar Nada Mas" (translates into "Dance, Nothing More") and well, I'm afraid to say it's not as good as J.Lo's last attempt at the Spanish language. Remember 'Ven A Bailar', Lopez' 'On The Floor' in español?. I loved that, but this new tune "Bailar Nada Mas" is so-so/kind of bad.

First the whole 'sound' of the song feels whoever 'mixed' this in the studio did a bad job copy/pasting the new vocals to the RedOne-produced beat. And secondly, the lyrics!! I mean, I knew they were going to be corny as hell, but not at this level. ("Y, yo...quiero hacerte el amor...." *dies*). In any case, Latinos, and all Spanish-speaking people in general must feel 'grateful' Jennifer always remembers their community. I bet she's gonna sing "Bailar Nada Mas" when she tours Latin America this year.

What do YOU think of 'Bailar Nada Mas'?

By on May 31, 2012

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