New Music: Jason Derulo - "Marry Me"

New Music: Jason Derulo - "Marry Me"

Jason Derulo gave KIIS FM's "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" permission to premiere his new song "Marry Me" today, August 26th. The mid-tempo R&B/pop cut will serve as the second US single (but third internationally, listen to "Talk Dirty") from the Miami-born singer's upcoming third studio album, "Tattoos", due in stores September 24.

"Marry Me" sounds breezy but it totally falls into the 'meh...' category for me. Only if he gets, say, Jordin Sparks to star in the music video, then problably I, and more people, may be willing to pay some more attention to his new single. 'Cause if not, I am convinced "Marry Me" will pass pretty much unnoticed. Curious thing is that I didn't like that much "Talk Dirty" either (as I think Jason should stick to his comfort dance/electro pop least for singles) but that 2 Chainz feature could've secured him a crossover edge in Urban radios, so maybe releasing "Talk Dirty" in the US too (along with Europe, and Australia) might've been a good idea in the end, knowing now that "Marry Me" was the other option his label was considering for US single.

Hit or Miss?

By on August 26, 2013

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