New Music: Dev (ft. Sage the Gemini) - 'Kiss It'

New Music: Dev (ft. Sage the Gemini) - 'Kiss It'

Dev drops new music in the form of "Kiss It". The fun, urban-influenced electronic song features Bay Area rapper Sage the Gemini and is produced by Hit-Boy. The track, which recently surfaced online, is said to appear on Dev's upcoming second studio album. And possibly be the first single. A tweet posted by the singer kind of hints it.

Does the melody in the chorus sound familiar? It's because Dev samples the "Hush, Little Baby" lullaby melody on "Kiss It", but for more, let's say, non-baby, but "explicit" matters. Dev released in 2011 her debut album "The Night the Sun Came Up", which, in short, was a commercial failure. However, it did spawn a moderate hit, "Bass Down Low", a Hot 100 smash, "In The Dark", and a re-release single, "Naked" (feat. Enrique Iglesias), which, shockingly didn't perform as expected. Not that the song was bad, it's just that Dev's label didn't promote it as it deserve. A shame.

It's now 2013, and Dev's return seems near. Although "Kiss It" may have leaked now, it all points Republic Records is planning Dev's comeback for early 2014. A lead single may be here before this year ends, though. The question is, will "Kiss It" be the one? I kind of like it, but "lead single" material? I'm not sure. It features label-mate Sage the Gemini. He had a Hot 100 Top 60 hit this year with "Red Nose". In "Kiss It", Dev sings about an obsessive and possessive one-month boyfreind who doesn't let her be her.

Hit or Miss?

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By on November 1, 2013

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