Naughty Boy & Joe Jonas Join Forces In New Song "One Chance To Dance"

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Naughty Boy & Joe Jonas Join Forces In New Song "One Chance To Dance"

English producer Naughty Boy has come out with a brand new single entitled “One Chance to Dance” featuring DNCE frontman Joe Jonas. The track seems to be another one-off single from the “Runnin’” (feat. Beyoncé) producer, as he hasn’t released a full-length or EP project since 2013’s “Hotel Cabana”. Seems he’s feeling just fine releasing only one-off singles.

One Chance to Dance” is an uptempo song with a veena-driven production where there are multiple Michael Jackson references in the lyrics and Joe Jonas sings about wanting to make a first contact with a lady he’s interested in, and he wants that first contact to be on the dancefloor, dancing very energetically with her it seems. “I'm no professional dancer / Baby, give me your answer / I'll practice everyday / Don't care what record plays / When I dance with you”, sings Joe Jonas in the second verse.

All in all, this a generic song, it has some cute moments, we do like the inclusion of the veena instrument in the production, but “One Chance to Dance” really didn’t stick with us after the first listen. It’s just okay.



By on October 19, 2017
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