Michel Telo - If I Catch You (Music Video!)

Michel Telo - If I Catch You (Music Video!)

Wow, I didn't even know an official English version for the song existed! It apparently got released earlier in 2012, and this week Brazilian singer Michel Teló premiered the music video for "If I Catch You" (the English edit of his global hit "Ai Se Eu Te Pego"). The original song in portuguese (which I'm still obsessed with) continues its chart slayage in Europe, Latin America and iTunes Top 10s (click here to see proof). But, boy, this "If I Catch You" version is a MESS. The lyrics are way too corny, ("wow, wow, oh my god, delicious!" xDD...You just can't have lyrics like this in English songs), it almost sounds like Michel's saying 'pikachu', and his accent is terrible. Huge, huge mess. What is the point of this anyway? Does he really think he's gonna crack markets like the UK, Australia or the USA with this "If I Catch You" torture?.

Michel's already a big international star, he should not mess with the flawlessness of the original "Ai Se Eu Te Pego", and singing in portuguese is obviously his real and only thing. As for the MV, that I liked. Much better than the cheap original vid. I mean, it's still cheap, but at least it captivates better the summery feeling of the song. The "If I Catch You" visual was directed by Junior Jacques, filmed at a heavenly beach in Porto Belo - Santa Catarina, Brazil, and features hundreds of sexy chicas in bikinis dancing to the song's infectious melody on their yachts, while Michel Telo performs for 'em at a center stage.

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By on January 17, 2012

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